Frequently Asked Questions when Selling Your Home

What do we need to list our home on the market?

  1. A key!
  2. Any necessary legal documents (i.e. power of attorney, death certificate, divorce decree) tied to the property
  3. Any available covenants and restrictions, association information, including fees (monthly, yearly)
  4. All parties tied to the property available to sign the listing agreement

What will occur at our listing appointment with Roxann?

  1. You sign a lot of papers!
  2. You complete detailed property disclosures
  3. Measurements and pictures of your home will be taken
  4. A “For Sale” sign and lockbox will be put on the property

How soon will our property be “on the market”?

Within 24 hours or the next business day of signing a listing agreement

Who provides the sign?

Roxann puts the sign in the yard at the time of signing the paperwork

What is a lockbox?

A lockbox holds the key to your home which allows agents to view your home after a confirmed appointment.  Agents registered with the local Board office have authorization to use the lockbox with the keypad that registers who and when someone is entering the home.  Confirmation with Your Home Team must be obtained before anyone can use the lockbox.

What happens after the listing appointment?

Your paperwork is taken back to the office to be processed by Your Home Team.  You will receive copies of everything you sign along with a letter outlining what to expect throughout the listing period.

Pictures and Virtual Tour

All pictures and the virtual tour with remarks regarding the property will be entered into the multiple listing system.  An Email will be sent to you for your approval of the information of your home included on the multiple listing site.  After you have approved the information, your property will be added to the remaining websites and color brochures will be prepared for use in the property.

You are Officially Listed and on the Market for Sale!

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