When contacting a real estate professional and preparing to meet with a real estate agent for the first time, many questions may come to mind.  Below are just some of the questions frequently asked when putting your home on the market:

Do you have to have the house completely “ready”?

It helps if you are close to having your home ready for the market.  Roxann creates the market analysis based no a lot of information, including the current condition of the home and repairs and updates you plan to do prior to putting your home on the market.

A list of improvements completed on the home is very helpful.   If needed, an additional appointment with Roxann will be scheduled exclusively to address staging of your home.

What is “Staging”?

Staging is when Roxann goes through your home with you to determine what will present your home in the best manner possible.  She provides you direction on items that could be removed or added and furniture rearranged in order to make your home look bigger and brighter.

Roxann may provide you a list of repairs necessary as well as maintenance items to address in order to give your home the very best first impression before going up for sale.

How long will an initial meeting last?

The average first appointment is approximately one hour to preview your property, discuss your needs, review the marketing success and seller expenses.

Who needs to be there for this first meeting?

All parties with legal interest in the property should be at the initial meeting.  This includes any additional parties with marital rights or named on the title or loan.

Will Roxann tell us what our property is worth?

Roxann always arrives with preliminary information.  More investigation may be needed to fully evaluate the best pricing strategy for your property in the current real estate market!

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