Published Real Estate Articles by Roxann

Roxann Bohstedt has published many articles on the real estate industry in local newspapers and we wanted to share a couple of articles that may be important to you.

Straight Talk on Real Estate: A Consumer Information Service

Act on Information!!!

Do you invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds? Have you purchased annuities or life insurance? If so, you may have made your choices with or without professional guidance.

If you are interested in stocks or mutual funds, naturally you want to pick ones likely to meet your financial objectives. To do that, you will need information – lots of it. First, look at historical information. How has the company performed over the past 3, 5, or 10 years? What is the price to earnings ratio? What about company debt. earnings and long range plans?

All this information is readily available from a stock broker or financial planner who will research companies for you. By eliminating poor choices and selcting a variety of excellent choices, you can save the time and frustration of doing the research yourself.

Buying a home with the assistance of a real estate agent parallels this situation. When buying, you will want to make the right choice, take a look at only suitable properties and be provided with the detailed information upon which to base your decision. That’s no small task

Buyer’s Agency: Fact or Fiction?

What do Realtor’s® do? And more importantly, whom do they represent? What does the word “agent” mean in the context of real estate? These and many other questions have arisen recently with the introduction of “Buyer’s Agency” to many real estate markets.

Real estate is practiced under the “Law of Agency” – a concept in which one party, the “agent”, represents the interests of another party, the “principle”. Their relationship is an “agency relationship”.

In the past, real estate brokers have most often acted as agents of the property owner or seller. As the seller’s agent, the broker acted with the best interests of the seller in mind – to locate prospective buyers for the property being sold. When the broker acts as an agent for the seller, he or she has an obligation to treat all buyers honestly and fairly, but not to represent them as an agent. As the seller’s agent, the broker had an obligation to be faithful to the seller’s best interests.

To gain representation in the buying process, more and more buyers are demanding “Buyer’s Agency”. The broker becomes the agent of the buyer and is obligated to represent the buyer and act with the buyer’s best interests in mind. This concept has become the standard.

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